Baby Bottle Grip Handle
Silicone Bottle Grip
Silicone Bottle Handle

Product Description

Safe Silicone: Our infant bottle handle is constructed of soft, safe, and highly durable silicone material and can withstand up to 180-degree temperatures. BPA Free silicone, Phthalate Free products, Latex Free material and Lead Free material, which is absolutely safe for a baby.
Delicate design: The hollowed bottle handle can help mommy pay attention to the changes inside the baby bottle with ease and doesn’t block the scale on the bottle, compatible with all kinds of baby bottles (Excluding bottles).
Tactile Comfort: The infant bottle handle has good flexibility and twist-resistant capacity. A good condition is still kept even if the baby pulls and twists the handle while learning gripping.
Perfect tool: The ergonomic handle provides babies with an easier way to grip their baby bottle. The handles are perfect tools for teaching a baby to transition between bottles and cups as they grow.
Colourful: With various colours for you to choose from, it will attract the baby’s attention and help the baby focus while nursing.
Easy to Use: It is easy to install and uninstall through the friction of the bottle.
Easy to clean: Every part of baby bottle handles can be easily washed with hands, has high-temperature resistance, and can be boiled with water.

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Production Procedures

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Application of the Silicone Baby Product