CNC EDM Services

 * Suitable for the processing of conductive materials
* Tolerances down to +/-0.01mm
* Quality assurance with double inspection


Flexible customization High Quality Assurance Solution Experience
Customized materials
Customized surface treatment
Custom surface finish
(Every)Piece inspection Combined process plan of turning,milling and grinding Production cost control scheme 20+experience in machining industry Customers are all over Eurpoe. America and Asia

What is EDM machining?

Electrical discharge machining, abbreviated as EDM, is a unique new CNC machining technology widely used in mold manufacturing and CNC machining industry.
CNC EDM can machine super hard materials, complex cavities, or contoured workpieces that are difficult to machine with traditional cutting methods. It is usually used to machine conductive materials such as tool steel, carbon steel, and hard-to-machine alloy materials such as carbide.

EDM stroke and Tolerance

Machine Maximum Stroke(mm) Maximum Stroke(inches) Machining accuracy(mm)
EDM 300*200*200 11.81″*7.874″*7.874″ 0.01

Minimum size for our CNC EDM machining

Outer contour Inner Contour Outr Thread Inner Thread External raised chamfer External concave chamfer Internal raised chamfer Internal concave chamfer
1.0*1.0*1.0 0.2 M2 M2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2

General materials comparison table

GB China ASTM USA JIS Japan DIN Germany
9CrWMn 01 SKS3 1.2510
9Mn2V 02 SKS93 1.284
Cr12 D3 SKD1 1.2080
Cr12MoV D2 SKD11 1.2436
Cr12Mo1v1 D2 SKD11 1.2379
4Cr5MoSiV1 H13 SKD61 1.2344
3Cr2Mo P20 SCM 1.2311
3Cr13 420 SUS420J2 1.4028
W6Cr5Mo4V2 M2 SKH51(SKH9) 1.3343
W6Mo5Cr4V2Co5 M35 SKH55 1.3243
W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 M42 SKH59 1.3247


  1. What products are suitable for EDM machining process?
    All conductive materials can be processed by EDM manufacturing process.
  2. What are the characteristics of EDM machine operation?
    – EDM can process hard, brittle, tough, soft, and high melting point conductive material.
    – “No cutting force” during processing, which is conducive to the processing of small holes, thin walls, narrow grooves, and various complex shapes of holes, spiral holes, cavities, and other workpieces. It is also suitable for precision and micromachining.
    – When the pulse width is small, the entire workpiece is hardly affected by heat, so the heat-affected layer can be reduced, and the surface quality can be improved after processing. It is also suitable for processing heat-sensitive materials.
    – The pulse parameters can be adjusted arbitrarily, which rough, semi-finishing, and finishing can be continuously performed on one machine tool.
    – Direct use of electrical energy processing, easy to achieve automation.
  3. Advantages of EDM
    – It is possible to manufacture special-shaped surfaces that cannot be produced by conventional cutting machines.
    – Machining hard materials can also have good tolerance accuracy.
    – The cutting force of conventional machines may damage small workpieces, but EDM will not.
  4. Disadvantages of EDM
    – Non-conductors cannot be processed.
    – The processing speed is slow.
    – High processing cost.
  5. Range of EDM definition manufacturing?
    – All conductive materials can be processed by electrical discharge machine.
    – The highest precision of electric discharge machining can reach +/-0.005mm surface roughness up to the mirror level.
    – Stations that cannot be processed by traditional machining can generally be completed by electrical discharge machining.
    – The discharge station can be the cavity of various large-scale plastic molds or small holes and tiny grooves with a width of 0.1mm.
  6. The physical process in machining EDM?
    Generally, it can be divided into three stages:
    The first stage forms the discharge channel, where the electrolyte is ionized and broken down, and the discharge channel is formed.
    In the second stage, energy conversion is formed on the surface of the workpiece. That is, spark discharge and thermal expansion are generated, so the tool electrode and the workpiece are eroded.
    The erosion produced in the third stage is thrown out of the discharge gap to prepare for the subsequent discharge.
  7. How to make tools for CNC EDM?
    Copper electrode is an electrode for EDM machining. According to the product’s shape, the processing method is determined, and the desired shape is processed by turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, and electric discharge. The shape of the electrode is opposite to that of the product.
    Suppose the product is difficult to process at one time. In that case, the shape or structure of the product is divided into several parts according to the difficulty of processing, the shape of the product, and the processing needs. The Copper electrode can be disassembled into several parts, and then the Copper electrode processing diagram is formed. This process is to remove the copper man.
  8. The experience of the technicians?
    Technicians have all studied through relevant mechanical manufacturing majors, and the longest working time of technicians in the industry is over 20+ years.
  9. where is the origin?
    Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
  10. How long is the usual processing cycle?
    7~15 days after placing the order
  11. What is the minimum order quantity?
    One piece minimum order
  12. How to place an order?
  13. How to transport?
    Air express (UPS, DHL, FEDEX, OCS…), Ocean freight
  14. How to pay?
  15. How to make an inquiry?
    E-mail,Whats app, Skype
  16. How to conduct quality inspection?
    Digital calipers, micrometers, height measuring instruments, plug gauges, profile projectors, COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE, industrial screws, thread gauges, dial indicators, ring gauges
  17. How to packing?
  18. Secondary Inspection——Wiping ——Bagging——Spraying Anti-rust Oil——Packing
  19. How long is the shipping time?
    Europe and the United States 3~7 working days, according to different express times
    Japan 2~7 working days, according to different express time