CNC Machining Steel

Steel is a general term for iron-carbon alloys with a carbon content between 0.02% and 2.11% by mass.
In addition to iron and carbon, the main elements of steel include chromium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, silicon, tungsten and vanadium.
Steel has good toughness, high plasticity, good machinability, thermal conductivity, and good heat treatment, so it is one of the most commonly used materials for precision parts processing.

U-NEED CNC Machining Precision Parts Services

Based on the unique properties of various metal alloys in steel alloys,
we tailor our manufacturing processes to maximize production efficiency and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.
We provide processing techniques, including milling, turning, WEDM, grinding, EDM, drilling, polishing, etc.
We can provide simple or complex geometry, single-piece or batch quantity, and high-precision custom steel processing parts.

Why choose steel CNC service at U-NEED

– 20+ rich industry-experienced personnel are familiar with and understand the unique properties of different steel raw material, can assist you in optimizing product design, material selection and optimizing product processing technology, and cooperate with advanced manufacturing equipment to help you save valuable time and money.
– Our customers are all over Europe, America and Asia
– The geographical advantage of convenient transportation is conducive to the transportation of goods and faster delivery.
– There is a mature mechanical processing industry chain in Dongguan City, which can meet various product demands.

According to the usage, steel can be divided into structural steel, tool steel, special steel, and dedicated steel.

According to Structural steel properties , structural steel can be divided into:
1) Structural steel for construction engineering, referred to as construction steels, is generally used to make metal structure parts in buildings, bridges, ships, boilers, or other projects. Such as carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, reinforcement steel, etc.
2) Structural steel for machinery manufacturing is used to manufacture structural parts on mechanical equipment. This kind of steel is high-quality steel or high-grade steel, mainly including high-quality carbon structural steel, structural alloy steel, free-cutting structural steel, spring steel and rolling bearing steel.
Tool steel is generally used to manufacture various tools, such as carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed tool steel, etc.
According to tool steel properties, it can also be divided into cutting tool steel, mould steel and measuring tool steel according to the purpose.
Special steel has unique properties, such as stainless acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant non-peeling steel, high cathode alloy, wear-resistant steel, magnetic steel, etc.
Professional steel is used for professional purposes in various industrial sectors, such as steel for automobiles, agricultural machinery, aviation, chemical machinery, boilers, electricians, welding rods, etc.

The following are some common steels and steel material properties in CNC processing

40CR 5140 SCr440 1.7035 40CR is a medium carbon quenched and tempered steel with moderate price, easy processing, and certain toughness, plasticity and wear resistance.
It can be used for drawing die and shaping die; Cold extrusion punch, heavy load cold pier punch; Cold punching and shearing tools; Cold forming die; Powder metallurgy die; Rod, bolt, intake valve,different types of gears, shaft machining, cankshaft, crank,etc.The hardness after surface quenching is 48~55HRC.
45# 1045 S45C 1.0503 45 # is medium carbon quenched and tempered structural steel. It has high strength and good processability. Suitable for wedge, screw and base plate of cold stamping die;
It can be used for parts and wrenches of various cold working dies; Used as hot forging, die casting, hot stamping and other hot working die parts; Used for upper and lower clamping plate, upper and lower mold plate, movable and fixed clamp plate, support plate and mold sleeve; ejector retainer plate and push plate; Core, punch, cavity plate and insert of plastic mould.
65Mn     CK67 65Mn steel is a commonly used spring steel with high strength, good weldability and low cold deformation plasticity. The strip can be processed by general bending and forming.
It can be used as an ejector pin for plastic mould and die-casting mould, a spring for common mould and a punch for cold punching mould.
9CrWNn 01 SKS3 1.2510 1.2510 is low alloy cold work die steel. The steel has good plasticity and toughness.
Suitable for abrasive plastic forming mould and small plastic mould;
It is suitable for integral hardening plastic mould, etc.
9Mn2V 02 SKS93 1.2842 1.2842 is cold working die steel. The steel has good machinability, high hardness and wear resistance, and good blanking ability. The hardness can reach 58~60HRC.
It is used for stamping dies, paper cutters, and others with thicknesses less than 6mm. is low alloy cold work die steel. The steel has good plasticity and toughness.
Suitable for abrasive plastic forming mould and small plastic mould;
It is suitable for integral hardening plastic mould, etc.
Cr5Mo1V A2 SKD12 1.2363 1.2363 is cold work die steel and air cooling hardenable steel, with certain impact toughness and good wear resistance.
-Used for drawing die, curling die and embossing die.
-Used for stamping die and cold forming die.
-Used for forming die of abrasive plastics.
-Used for types of cutting tools.
Cr12 D3 SKD11 1.2080 1.2080 is characterized by high hardenability, high hardness, high wear resistance, small quenching deformation and good toughness.
It is used for all kinds of cold stamping dies with high wear resistance and long service life, as well as cold shearing blades, thread rolling plates, etc.
Cr12Mo1V1 D2 SKD11 1.2379 1.2379 is a high-toughness cold working steel with high abrasion resistance, compressive strength, excellent impact toughness, hardenability, and dimensional stability.
Typical application examples:
1) It is suitable for making high-speed blanking dies for various silicon steel sheets.
2) It is suitable for precision stamping dies, cold extrusion forming dies, drawing dies, and blanking dies.
3) It is suitable for highly efficient scissors, deep drawing dies, and pipe drawing dies for cutting thin materials.
4) It is suitable for complex and easily deformed tool dies and various cold stamping dies with high wear resistance and long service life.
5) It can be used for embossing dies and cold forging dies.
6) It is used for heavy-duty stamping die, cold shear blade, thread rolling plate, etc.
7) It is used for cold heading die, clay mold, etc.
8) It is used for abrasive plastic forming mould.
4Cr5MoSiV1 H13 SKD61 1.2344 1.2344 is pressure-resistant hot die steel. It has excellent machinability and polishing performance, high toughness and plasticity, high and low temperature wear resistance, high-temperature fatigue resistance and heat resistance.
-Used to make forging dies, hot extrusion dies, and precision forging dies with large impact loads.
-Die casting mould for aluminium, copper and their alloys.
-For high-temperature thermosetting plastic mould.
3Cr2Mo P20 SCM 1.2311 1.2311 After pre-hardening, it has an excellent homogeneous structure, polishing, and photo etching. It can be nitrided and suitable for surface treatment such as chrome plating.
-Used for die casting of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and their alloy.
-Used for the hot pressing die and various hot forging dies.
-Used for metal extrusion die base.
-Suitable for the production of large and medium-sized injection molds, as well as plastic molds with polishing requirements.
-It is used to make general plastic moulds, plastic mould frames, die-casting mold frames, and mold bases.
3Cr13 420 SUS420J2 1.2083 1.2083 is high-grade mirror plastic mould steel and stainless mirror steel. It has excellent polishing, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, heat treatment stability and machining performance.
-It is used for forming moulds of corrosive plastics (such as PVC acetate, etc.).
-Mold that works and is stored in a humid environment.
-Abrasive plastics (including thermosetting plastics), glass moulds, etc.
W6Cr5Mo4V2 M2 SKH51 1.3343 1.3343 is a high wear-resistant high-speed tool steel containing tungsten and a high toughness high-speed steel. It has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and good cutting performance.
-Suitable for cold heading die and extrusion tools.
-It is used for cold stamping die, cold extruding blade, punch and die of general toughness precision wear-resistant hardware.
-It is suitable for machining various cutting tools such as drills and milling cutters.
-Tools suitable for bearing vibration and impact loads.
-Used for drawing tools, punching dies, and metal cutting saw blades.
W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 M42 SKH59 1.3247 M42 is super hard cobalt high-speed tool steel. The steel has good hardness, thermal hardness, wear resistance and grind ability.
1) It is suitable for making various wear-resistant and impact-resistant heavy-cutting tools.
2) It is used to make all kinds of high and ultra-high hardness saw blades, drills, taps, broaches, hobs and all kinds of milling cutters.
3) Used for advanced punching dies, screw dies and punches requiring toughness and complicated shapes.
4) Used for cold forging die and drawing die, etc.
5) It is recommended to be used in cold stamping products such as watch case factories and screw factories.
M3 HAP10   ASP23 is a powder cold working die steel with high abrasion resistance, toughness, and compressive strength.
1) Mainly used for blanking die of medium and high carbon steel and powder pressing die.
2) Used for silicon steel sheet, printed circuit board punching die, cold forging die, and deep drawing die, instead of hard alloy die with easy collapse angle.
3) High-performance IC models for cold plastic processing with high service life.
4) Used for blanking and cutting die of medium carbon steel or high carbon steel, punching hardened steel plate or cold rolled steel strip, etc.
5)Used for plastic mould containing glass fiber, parts of plastic forming machine, such as screw, barrel, nozzle, injection head, crushing knife, etc.