Wire EDM Services

* Advanced wire cutting machines like Seibu and Sodick
* Tolerances down to +/-0.001mm
* High standard and High Quality


Flexible customization High Quality Assurance Solution Experience
Customized materials
Customized surface treatment
Custom surface finish
(Eevry)Piece inspection Combined process plan of turning.milling and grinding
Production cost control scheme
20+experience in machining industry
Customers are all over Europe,America and Asia

What is Wire EDM


Wire EDM, a Wire Cutting Machine, is a process developed on the basis of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). Its basic principle is to use a moving thin metal wire as the electrode to cut the workpiece in shape through pulsed spark discharge. It is commonly used to cut harder metals that are not conducive to standard machining processes, such as sheet material, tools or punches, etc.
Since the slow-speed EDM cutting adopts the method of continuous wire feeding by the wire electrode, that is, the processing of the wire electrode is completed during the movement process, so even if the wire electrode is worn out, it can be continuously supplemented, so the wire EDM accuracy of the parts can be improved.

WEDM stroke and Tolerance

Machine The thinnest electrode wire(mm) Maximum Stroke(mm) Maximum Stroke(inches) Machining accuracy(mm)
WEDM 0.1 350*550*280 13.7795″*21.6535″*11.0236″ 0.001

Minimum size for our Wire EDM machining

Overall dinensions Groove width concave chamfer raised chamfer Inner hole size
1.0*1.0 0.15 R0.07 R0.02 0.15


  1. Application of WEDM?
    – machining mold
    – CNC machining parts with microstructure
    – machining parts of complex shapes
    – Machining hard conductive materials
    – Precious metal blanking
    – Trial production of new products
  2. What products can Wire EDM machine produce?
    It is suitable for processing small batches, complex-shaped parts, single piece, or trial products, and the processing cycle is short.
  3. What are the differences between slow-speed Wire EDM and fast-speed Wire EDM?
    – The wire travel speed is different. The fast wire travel speed is 8~10m/s, and the slow wire travel speed is 0.001~0.25m/s.
    – Wire material is different. The electrode wire material of fast-moving wire is molybdenum, tungsten-molybdenum alloy, and the electrode wire material of slow-moving wire is brass wire and copper-based plating material.
    – The working fluid is different. The working fluid of a fast-moving wire is an emulsion, and the working fluid of a slow-moving wire is deionized water or kerosene.
    – The processing speed is different. The processing speed of fast wire is 20~16mm2/min, and the processing speed of slow wire is 20~240mm2/min
    – Different precision. The processing accuracy of fast wire is 0.01~0.04mm, and the processing accuracy of slow wire is 0.004~0.01mm
  4. What are the machining advantages of WEDM?
    – High machining accuracy. 0.01mm electrode wire can be used, and the highest precision can reach 0.001mm
    – High surface quality. The surface roughness can usually reach Ra=0.8μm and above.
  5. What materials do Wire EDM process
    As long as it is a conductor or semiconductor, it can be processed regardless of the hardness of the workpiece material.
  6. Why choose our CNC services on WEDM?
    – Flexible order quantity. It can be from proofing one piece to small batch / large batch production.
    – Quality Assurance. Experienced skilled workers and strict quality control personnel ensure the final product quality.
    – High standard. Our goals are continuously polishing production technical capabilities, optimizing and upgrading processing services.
  7. The experience of the technicians?
    Technicians have all studied through relevant mechanical manufacturing majors, and the longest working time of technicians in the industry is over 20+ years.
  8. where is the origin?
    Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
  9. How long is the usual processing cycle?
    7~15 days after placing the order
  10. What is the minimum order quantity?
    One piece minimum order
  11. How to place an order?
  12. How to transport?
    Air express (UPS, DHL, FEDEX, OCS…), Ocean freight
  13. How to pay?
  14. How to make an inquiry?
    E-mail,Whats app, Skype
  15. How to conduct quality inspection?
    Digital calipers, micrometers, height measuring instruments, plug gauges, profile projectors, COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE, industrial screws, thread gauges, dial indicators, ring gauges
  16. How to packing?
  17. How long is the shipping time?
    Europe and the United States 3~7 working days, according to different express times
    Japan 2~7 working days, according to different express time