CNC Grinding Services

* Well equipped grinding process
* Tolerances down to +/-0.002mm
* Professional packing, no fear of transport damage


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Customized materials
Customized surface treatment
Custom surface finish
(Every)Piece inspection Combined process plan of turning,milling and grinding
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20+experience in machining industry
Customers are all over Europe,America and Asia

We can provide all kinds of grinding machining services, including punch grinding, centerless grinding, precision surface grinding, fully automatic surface grinding, PG contour grinding, and so on.

What is grinding?

The punch former, installed on the grinder, is a tool that can automatically obtain concentric to grind circular punches without any adjustment. It can use the press roller on the pressure arm to rotate or to adjust the left and right. It also can make the workpiece forward or backward before grinding. When regrinding, the round pressure rod can be used to fix the screw and press the roller pressure arm to make it more stable.
Punch former is a mechanical device that can be installed on machine tools such as precision grinding machine, milling machine, drilling machine, etc., and is used for forming and grinding various angles like arcs, polygons, and circles. The grinding wheel, punch and center pin can be trimmed with a diamond dresser.
We can provide processing services for precision surface grinders, CNC large surface grinders, and fully automatic surface grinders. This process mainly involves rotating and grinding the workpiece with a grinding wheel to achieve the required flatness.
Centerless grinding has two types of grinding wheels: guide wheel and CNC grinding wheel. The guide wheel drives the cylindrical workpiece to rotate on the pad iron, and the grinding wheel plays a role in grinding the workpiece. Centerless grinding belongs to the circumferential grinding method.
PG, short for Profile Grinder, also known as parametric optical projection grinder, needs to be processed with a plotter. The plotter depicts the required processing graphics on the film, and the film is pasted on the projection screen and corrected. The processor will grind the molding according to the molding on the film。
Grinding machine application is used in a wide range. From transportation, robotics, medical, electronics, sports equipment, aerospace, and defense industry to home living applications, our precision grinding capabilities can meet the production requirements with high demand.

Grinding machine stroke and olerance

Machine Machined Maximum Stroke(mm) surface finish Precision machining accuracy(mm)
Punch Former Outer Diamerter:1.0~60           Inner Diameter:2.0~55
Machining Length:10~150        Clamping length range:10~200
Ra0.6 0.002
Centerless Grinding machine 0.50~45 Ra0.6 0.002
CNC surface grinding machine 150*400 Ra0.6 0.002
CNC Large surface grinder machine 500*800*250 Ra0.6 0.003

Surface Finish Comparison Chart

Surface roughness grade comparsion and application
International representation RZ Ra Surface Shape Features Examples of processing methods
N12 200 50 Visible tool process marks Sawing,rough turning,rough milling,rough planing,drilling and rough file,rough grinding wheels,etc.
N11 100 25 Slight Visible tool process marks
N10 50 12.5 Slight tool process marks
N9 25 6.3 Visible processing marks Cold drawing,fine turning,fine twisting,rough twisiting,rough grinding,scraping,rough broaching,etc.
N8 12.5 3.2 Micro processing marks
N7 6.3 1.6 No visible processing marks
N6 6.3 0.8 Recognizable the direction of machining marks Grinding,rough turning of diamond turning tools,fine twistiong,cold drawing,broaching,polishing,etc.
N5 3.2 0.4 Micro-discriminating the direction of machining traces
N4 1.6 0.2 Indiscernible the direction of machining marks
N3 0.8 0.1 Dark glossy surface Fine grinding,grinding,polishing,super fine griniding,mirror grinding,etc.
N2 0.4 0.05 Glossy finish
N1 0.2 0.025 Mirror-like glossy surface
  0.1 0.012 Matte glossy finish
  0.05   Mirror surface

Surface finished with surface treatment

1. Mechanical surface treatment: sandblasting, shot-blasting, grinding, rolling, polishing, brushing, mirror finish polishing, spraying, painting, and oiling.
2. Chemical surface treatment: blue and black, phosphating, pickling, passivation, gold plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, Chrome plating, black oxide, plating, TD treatment.
3. Electrochemical surface treatment: Anodizing, Electroplating.
4. Modern surface treatment: chemical vapor deposition CVD, Physical vapor deposition PVD processes, ion nitriding, and laser surface treatment.


  1. What products are suitable for our precision grinding machines?
    It is needed to do the grinding requirements of the inner hole, outer circle, surface, special shape, and complex surface.
  2. What products can the Punch Former machine produce?
    It is used to form and grind various angles such as inner holes, arcs, polygons, circles, etc.
    What products can Centerless grind produce?
    It is used for grinding and polishing the cylindrical surfaces of various rings, shafts, and pipe parts.
  3. What is surface grinding used for?
    It is mainly used in the precision plane of ceramics, metal, steel, iron, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, and cemented carbide. Punch former or fixture can form and grind various angles, like arc, polygon, circle, radian, spiral, etc.
  4. What products can CNC large surface grinding machine produce?
    On the basis of precision surface grinding, automatic surface grinding machine can process multiple machined surfaces in one clamping, saving many intermediate processes. And it can be clamped to process larger size products.
  5. What products can PG grinding machine produce?
    High-speed steel and Cemented carbide( like tungsten steel) are usually used in this process. PG products include knife edge for connector stamping die, punch, terminal, precision half-stroke punch, lower die insert, stripper insert, and so on.
    where is the origin?
    Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
  6. How long is the usual processing cycle?
    7~15 days after placing the order
  7. What is the minimum order quantity?
    One piece minimum order
  8. How to place an order?
  9. How to transport?
    Air express (UPS, DHL, FEDEX, OCS…), Ocean freight
  10. How to pay?
  11. How to make an inquiry?
    E-mail,Whats app, Skype
  12. How to conduct quality inspection?
    Digital calipers, micrometers, height measuring instruments, plug gauges, profile projectors, COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE, industrial screws, thread gauges, dial indicators, ring gauges
  13. How to packing?
  14. How long is the shipping time?
    Europe and the United States 3~7 working days, according to different express times
    Japan 2~7 working days, according to different express time