Product Description

What is a flange?
The flange is the part that connects the pipe to the pipe. There are holes on the flange, where the bolts can be used to make the two flanges tight joints. The gasket is placed between the sealing surface of the two flanges to make the connection tight and leak-free.
What are the different types of flanges?
There are plate flange, lap joint flange, threaded flange, socket weld flange, blind Fange, slip-on flange.

Product Details

Drawing & Production Procedures

Custom-Pipe- Flange
Custom-Pipe- Flange

Application of the Turning Parts


Chemical Industry


Petroleum Industry


 Power Industry


Metallurgical Industry


  Ship-building Industry

Packing & General Terms

Custom-Pipe- Flange

Sample: Acceptable
Production Type: OEM or ODM
Place of Origin: Dongguan, China
Delivery Term: 10-12 Days
Transportation Time: 3~7 Days
Trade Type: FOB or EXW
Payment: T/T