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Product Description

  1. Durable Service:
    These identify label are made of high grade silicone, which are low carbon, environmentally friendly, lightweight and durable materials, not easy to crack or fade.
  2. Wonderful Decoration:
    Since wine glasses all look the same, these can help everyone identify their own glass. They also decorate the glasses, making a nice addition to your wine table.
  3. Harmless to Glasses:
    These silicone drink markers are flexible and smooth, which can wrap tightly around any diameter of glass stem without harming your glass.
  4. Gift-giving:
    They are not only suitable for use on your own wine party, but also a great idea for gift-giving. Make it an amazing gift for those wine lovers.
  5. Easy to Use:
    Wrap the tags around the red wine glass stem or cup handle,and then buckle the button.

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