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Product Description

This is a portable handle, made of high quality, durable, soft, foldable and highly elastic tensile silicone. And 100% hypo-allergenic silicone means that you needn’t worry about any kind of reaction when you use them.
Its softness brings you comfortable hand grip feeling and it will not be easily contaminated by your fingerprints. With the help of fan lanyard, your mini fan can be avoided dropping or losing by hanging it on your fingers. The lanyard can be used to hang-on the phone, the GPS portable navigator, mini fan, etc.
It fits well in your pocket, purse, backpack and suitcase, which takes up no space, ideal for outdoor hiking, camping, traveling, and sporting.
The eco friendly lanyard is not only offer a more biodegradable alternatives to traditional lanyards, but it is also modern, resilient, lightweight, and waterproof.
The particular lanyard is available in unlimited decoration options to choose from, so you are able to tailor make the perfect lanyard.

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Baby-Bottle-Grip -Handle 

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