VCI Bags: Protection for Your Valuables

For the metalworking, especially like our CNC precision machining parts, rust is a serious issue that may cost a pretty penny if not corrected or prevented.At U-Need, we are proud to offer a revolutionary solution for safeguarding valuable custom machined parts of our customers against corrosion and rust – VCI bags, which are the latest in anti-corrosion technologies.

What are VCI Bags?

VCI, short for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor, are specially designed packaging solutions that utilize VCI technology to protect metal components, equipment, and other susceptible items from corrosion and rust.VCI bags, short for VCI rust inhibitor bags, are made from high-quality materials and are embedded with VCI compounds that emit corrosion-inhibiting vapors.

VCI rust inhibitor bags

How Do VCI Bags Work?

  1. It is crucial to properly seal the bag to maximize their effectiveness. The airtight seal prevents the entry of moisture and contaminants that could compromise the VCI protection.
  2. The bag works by creating a protective environment around the packaged items. The VCI compounds vaporize within the bag, forming a molecular layer on the metal surfaces. This layer acts as a barrier, preventing moisture and oxygen from reaching the metal and causing corrosion. The VCI molecules adhere to the metal surface, even in hard-to-reach areas, ensuring comprehensive protection.

What Are the Advantages of Using VCI Bags?

No. Advantages Descriptions
1 Effective Corrosion Protection It provides reliable protection against corrosion and rust, even in challenging environments.
2 Versatile Packaging It can accommodate a wide range of metal components, equipment, tools, and other valuable items.
3 Easy to Use Simply place the machined parts into the the bag, seal it, and the VCI technology takes care of the rest.
4 Long-Lasting Protection It offers extended protection, keeping your items corrosion-free for an extended period.

How Long Do VCI Bags Work?

The longevity of the bag depends on various factors, such as the specific VCI formulation, the storage conditions, and the duration of protection required. Generally, it can provide corrosion protection for several months to years, making them ideal for long-term storage or shipping.

Can VCI Bags be Reused?

The bag can often be reused depending on their condition and the specific manufacturer’s guidelines. The reuse-ability depends on factors such as the duration of previous use, the effectiveness of the VCI compounds, and the condition of the bag itself.

What Kind of Material Can VCI Bags Package?

Ferrous metals (iron, steel)
Non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass)
Precision machined parts
Tools and equipment
Electrical components
Automotive parts
Aerospace components

VCI bags offer a reliable and convenient solution for protecting valuable metal items from corrosion and rust. In order to achieve the ultimate protection of the parts, we even do double protection, that is, we use VCI shrink film on the outermost layer packing.
From order to delivery, We approaches our each machined parts with a rigorous attitude to ensure our customers worry-free.
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