U-Need Team Building – Bo Bing Party of Mid-Autumn Festival

October 11, 2023

U-Need held a Bo Bing game in celebration of the mid-autumn festival to enhance team cohesion and a sense of belonging on September 23rd , 2023. And everyone was full of harvest and laughter at that night.

What is a Bo Bing Game?

Bo Bing, also known as mooncake dice game or gambling for cakes, is a unique festive activity during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

How does Bo Bing Game work?

  1. Traditionally, the game comes in a set of 63 mooncakes from bite-sized ones to the largest one, but now it is almost practical gifts instead of mooncakes. 
  2. There are six ranks of awards, the higher ranks, the more expensive gifts.
  3. The game involves six dice and a wide mouthed china bowl.
  4. The dice are rolled into the bowl and the different combination number stand for different ranks of awards.
  5. The results are invalid if any of the dice falls outside the bowl.

As seen the following table for the combination name and the dice results.
Prize Combination name Dice Results No. of Gifts
1st Place Four Fours with Two Ones Four-Fours-with-Two-Ones 1
Six Fours Six-Fours
Six Ones Six-Ones
Six of a Kind (expect No. Four or No. One) Six-of-a-Kind
Five Fours Five-Fours
Five of a Kind (expect No. Four) Five-of-a-Kind
Four Fours Five-Fours
2nd Place Straight Straight 2
3rd Place Three Fours Three-Fours 4
4th Place Four of a Kind (expect No. Four) Four-of-a-Kind 8
5th Place Two Fours Two-Fours 16
6th Place One Four One-Four 32

Do you want to learn more about Bo Bing Game? Welcome to contact us by E-mail (info@uneedpm.com)or leave a message to us.