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This product, made of POM, is used as the components of jig and fixture machine or injection moulding machine parts.

What is POM material?

1. POM, shorted of Polyoxymethylene plastic or Polyformaldehyde, is a a kind of linear polymer structure without side chain, high density and high crystallinity.
2. POM has good fatigue resistance and impact strength, suitable for manufacturing of precision gears subjected to periodic cyclic loads.
3. Good creep resistance. Compared with other plastics, POM has less creep over a wide temperature range and can be used as sealing parts.
4. Good wear/abrasion resistance. POM has self-lubricating property and low friction coefficient, which makes it used as rotating shaft bearing.
5. Good heat resistance. The mechanical properties have little change of long-term use at higher temperatures. The working temperature of POM homopolymer is 100 ℃, and the working temperature of POM bcopolymer can be 114 ℃.
6. Low water absorption. It is not sensitive to the presence of moisture during molding processing.

Product Details

Material POM plastic
Hardness Standard
Overall dimension Φ28xΦ12x45mm
Tolerance ±0.02 or Customized
Roughness Ra1.2 or Customized
Surface treatment /
Quality Assurance Full scope inspections
Testing Equipment Digimatic Caliper, Micrometer tool,Digital height Gauge

Outline Drawing & Production Procedures

Plastic-Round- Standoff- Columns
Plastic-Round- Standoff- Columns

Application of the Turning Parts


Industrial Equipment


Agricultural Machinery


Medical Equipment


Automobile Spar

Parts Food

Parts Food



Packaging & General Terms

Plastic-Round- Standoff- Columns

Sample:  Acceptable
Production Type:  OEM or ODM
Place of Origin: Dongguan, China
Delivery Term:  35 days for mold and samples, after confirmation of samples, mass production time is 25 days
Transportation Time: 3~7 Days
Trade Type: FOB or EXW 
Payment: T/T