Silicone Tip Covers
Silicone Handles Heat Resistant

Product Description

Security interface and user-friendly silicone tip covers for Barbecue Skewer, is non-poisonous, safe and environmentally friendly, rust proof and heat resistant for scald prevention.
The handle cover is an integrated molding design, firmly bonded to the skewers, no rotation, no falling off.
One-side curve other flat is used to protect the handle of barbecue stick and enhance the hand feel.
The handle sleeve is colorful, which makes the food more vivid and creates the mood of barbecue more pleasant.
Easy use is great for outdoor picnic, barbecue, grilling, roasting.
Easy to clean up, just wash with gentle detergent and keep in dry place.

Product Details

Production Procedures

Baby-Bottle-Grip -Handle 

Application of the Silicone Products