Sprue Bushes in Mould
CNC Nozzles

Sprue Bush is one of CNC metal parts of the plastic mold used to connect the forming mold and the plastic injection molding machine. It can also be described as a part where the molten plastic material is injected from the nozzle of an injection moulding machine into the runner inside the mold.
If the contact part of the sprue bush is not machined accurately enough, it may leak plastic material when combined with the injection moulding machine. If the sprue bush is not hard enough, the nozzle contact part will be more vulnerable to wear. During the demoulding process, if the runner inside of the sprue bush is not smooth enough, it will lead to bad stripping, so you have to choose the high-quality sprue bush.
Sprue Bushes is available in a number of specifications. Please give us your drawings, and we will process and customize them.

Application: plastic mold core S136 die steel characteristics

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent polishing optical rotation
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Excellent machinability
  • Excellent stability during quenching

Product Details

Material S136ESR/S136 steel
Hardness HRC50~52
Overall dimension Φ20*19.69*Φ16
Tolerance ±0.01
Roughness Ra0.8 or Customized
Suface treatment /
Qualit Assurance Full scope inspections
Testing Equipment Digimatic Caliper, Micrometer tool, Digital Height Gauge, Coordinate Measurement Machine

Drawing & Production Procedures

Sprue-Bush-in -Mould
Sprue-Bush-in -Mould

Application of the Turning Parts













Packing & General Terms

Sprue-Bush-in -Mould

Sample: Acceptable
Production Type: OEM or ODM
Place of Origin: Dongguan, China
Delivery Term: 12-15 Days
Transportation Time: 3~7 Days
Trade type: FOB or EXW
Payment: T/T