Product Description

A trimming punch, also known as edge of the knife or male die, is used to trim, cut off, cut, puncture, and stretch excess materials. Such as: stretch punches, bending punch, insert knife for sliding block, punching countersink, punching convex hull, threaded punching, riveting punch of riveting die, etc.
The punch materials require high hardness. Common punch materials include Cr12Mo1v1, Cr12Mov, SKH51, SKD11, tungsten steel, etc.
The punch uses a new cold working die steel DC53, improved by Japanese Datong special steel on SKD11. Its technical specification is set out in Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) G4404.
It overcomes the weakness of SKD11 in high-temperature tempering hardness and toughness. It will completely replace SKD11’s high-strength and toughness general cold working die steel in the field of general and precision dies.

Product Details

Drawing & Production procedures


Application of the Milling Machining Part




 Agriculture Industry  


 Decoration Field 


 Decoration Field 


  Construction Industry

Packaging & General Terms


Sample: Acceptable
Production Type: OEM or ODM
Place of Origin: Dongguan, China
Delivery Term: 5 Days
Transportation Time: 3~7 Days
Trade Type: FOB or EXW
Payment: T/T