Best Five Tips for Attracting Visitors at a Trade Show

What’s a trade show?

A trade show, also known as trade fair and expo, is a traditional marketing strategy that brings people in a specific industry together to discuss, demonstrate, and display the latest available products.  

Why exhibit at a trade show?

First, exhibiting at a trade show have major positive benefits for companies. New products will be showcased or demonstrated in-person to the target market, which often leads to many high-quality prospects and new customers.
Second, exhibiting at a trade show is a great place to maintain existing customer relationships. Exhibitors can express their gratitude to customers in the following ways: warm hospitality, latest product information, company gifts, other services, etc.
Finally, exhibiting at a trade show is a chance to evaluate the competitions. What have they been working on? How do they interact with their customers? Is there anything learning from them?

How to make the booth stand out?

U-Need Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Enjoys to share the exhibition experience with you from the M-Tech Show, which we exhibited, at the recently perfectly ended in Tokyo in June, 2023.

1.Be Eye-Catching

Do the best to add eye-catching elements to the trade show booth design. U-Need’s posters covered the entire walls in the blue tone, which had a more stunning visuals comparison with other companies. Blue is the colour most commonly associated with harmony, confidence, masculinity, knowledge, intelligence, calm, infinity, the imagination. In Japan, there are only four colors to be considered primary, pure and genuine, that is, white, black, red, and blue.

Prepare-the- Swag-Right

2.Prepare the Swag Right

Swag (short for “stuff we all get”) works for a few reasons. First, we all like to get free stuff. Second, offering brand giveaways will increase brand recognition. Third, it is a opportunity to connect with attendees through brands, then trust and begin to build a relationship.
U-need chose stylistic pens and lightweight tape measures as the giveaways at the M-Tech Show. The stylistic pens can be used three times: to write, to support phones, to touch screen. And the commonly used tapes can be carried all the time.


3.Have a Great Trade Show Motto

A catchy phrase or motto may stick in the minds of trade show attendees and help them still remember the brand long after the event has ended. U-Need’s mission is “Customer success is our success!”, the values is “Craftsmanship spirit, we inherit!”, the motto is “Custom parts, your need, we meet!”. What slogan will your brand use? There are six tips for you to create a memorable slogan:

1.Think about your target market
2.Keep it brief and simple
3.Keep your audience in mind, not your business
4.Make it timelsess
5.Use humor
6.Rhythm and rhyme

4.Let the Product Appealing Attendees

Place characteristic products center or front without competing with anything, which will creates good brand awareness and interest. U-Need is committed to custom precision parts, so we showcase high precision parts in front of the display table.

How to make your products more appealing to visitors?

  • Add More Function. Every product meets a need or service for the customers, and branching out to meet other needs will make your product much more appealing.
  • Create a Distinct Look. The visual look of a product has a huge sway over customer’s thoughts and even influence the sales.
  • Be Unique. There are multiple products that solve the same problem, and focusing on the aspects that make your product different will attract more visitors.

5.Teach Something

A lot of attendees want to learn about new products in their industry, or about the latest discoveries and developments in their fields. Why not learn into the fact and offer them a truly educational experience when they visit the booth?
At the show, U-Need impressed many visitors with our professionalism.The above five tips: Be Eye-Catching, Prepare the Swag Right, Have a Great Trade Show Motto, Let the Product Appealing Attendees, and Teach Something, in short, through sight, hearing, touch and feeling, you can create a booth that communicates your company information and culture.
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