Top Five Benefits of the Customer Visit

Why is customer visit important?

While it does cost money and time to visit customers, it is super crucial to physically visit.
It may seem more urgent to focus on getting new customers to sign on, rather than visiting existing customers. But a digital tool can show you statistics, can it actually read the true interests or intentions of a client? 
The answer is most likely not. Usually, the more customers you gain or have to deal with, the more it is essential to keep a close relationship with them. Customer visit is the most effective way, and trust me—it’s worth the effort.
Here’s a quick rundown of the value we got from our Japanese customer visit.

Visiting customers in Japan in June, 2023

What Are the Benefits of Visiting Customers in Person?

1.Cultivate Self-motivation to Serve Customers Better

It is incredibly inspiring to see real people using your product. It gives you a visceral sense of how your product actually impacts the life of your users, rather than just an intellectual understanding.It is different from hearing customers tell you how great your product is. You just have to experience customer satisfaction happening in real-time. You need to witness how your product helps them to operate better, to be better at what they are doing.
The impact you make on other people’s lives is a much stronger driver than any number on a spreadsheet can ever be. Do not underestimate how much this affects you. It’s powerful. It energizes you.

2.Build Better Customer Relationships

You can do a lot of relationship-building via email, chat, phone, and Zoom, but nothing beats meeting someone in person. It creates a human bond between the two of you.
In-person customer visits are one of the best ways to build customer intimacy. It deepens the commitment on both sides. It’s easy to transforms a transactional relationship into a partnership. It builds empathy on both sides, which ultimately leads to better business.

3Get In-depth Product Feedback on the Customer Experience

You might be tracing product usage and reading all the customer feedback via email or phone, but you’re missing a lot of key details if you can’t see the environment in which your customers use your product.
How exactly are they using your product?
What’s happening around them?
What’s competing for their attention?
What’s their workspace like?
Which little hacks did they come up with to make them more productive and efficient?
What makes them smile, and what makes them frown when interacting with your products?
You can gather more in-depth feedback about how they’re using your product and where they would like to see improvements.

4.Find Opportunities to Upsell

You can dig into your customers’ pain points. Let the customers know that your here to solve the problem or come up with specific ideas.
It can also be used to uncover additional insights into other products or services.
You can also work to prevent customers churn by conducting a face-to-face meeting.
After our Japanese visit, the customers orders with our product are significantly increased – This is the power of in-person visits.

5.Create New Customer Stories

Using real-life examples of how your customers use your product is an excellent digital marketing strategy and one that will help build trust in your brand.
When planning customer visits, think about the customers you may want to interview for video testimonials on your website. Having these real customer stories also helps build better marketing alignment with your ideal customers and their needs.
All of these are examples of the kinds of benefits you can get from visiting your customers. You can’t predict which benefits precisely you’ll get—but you will always get value from a customer visit!

Create New Customer Stories

Customer visits provide candid opportunities to learn about your customers or prospective customers. You get a clearer and more accurate view of how a company is performing when you step into a business. They also help build and strengthen relationships.
Are there any other benefits from the customer visit? Let us know your thoughts and tips in the comments!