How is surface grinding processed?

Surface grinding is a machining process that involves the removal of material from the surface of a workpiece using a rotary wheel with rough abrasive particles. Aside from the grinding wheel the surface grinding machine comprises a chuck and a table that uses magnets to affix the workpiece.
This process is designed to achieve high precision and accuracy by producing a flat and smooth surfacefinish. It is commonly used to refine and improve the flatness, parallelism, and surface quality.

What are the benefits of surface grinding?

Achieve the smoothness and smoothness of CNC precision parts.

Where is surface grinding used in manufacturing?

No. Industries Applications
1 Automotive  Grinding engine components, transmission parts, and precision gearbox components.
2 Aerospace Grinding turbine blades, landing gear components, and aerospace structural parts.
3 Tool and Die Making Surface grinding of precision mold, dies, and tooling for precision manufacturing.
4 Medical Grinding medical implants, surgical instruments, and precision medical device components.
5 General Engineering Grinding flat surfaces on machine bases, large plates, and structural components.

Why choose U-Need Large Surface Grinding Services

No. Item parameter
1 Maximum Travel (X x Y) 960 x 570 mm
2 Magnet Chuck 800 x 500 mm
3 Surface Finish Ra 0.6
4 Machining Tolerance ±0.003 mm

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