What is the profile grinding process?


profile grinding

Profile grinding is also known as projection grinding, form grinding, and copy grinding. In this process, a workpiece is projected at a magnification of many times onto a product shape drawing. A grinding wheel is operated by numerical control or manual control, and copy grinding is performed with the workpiece overlaid onto the projected drawing.

What are the advantages of profile grinding?

  1. Requires only on clamp.
  2. Machine a very large number of geometries.
  3. Machine high hardness materials that are difficult to measure directly using a vernier or micrometer calipers.
  4. Creates a fine and high-accuracy shape.
  5. Reduce number rework and scrapped products.

What can be machined by profile grinding?

Usage: High-precision mold parts (punches and dies), special tools, cylindrical parts, etc.
Material: Carbide, tool steel, cermet, ceramic, CBN, high speed steel
Application industries: automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical technology, machine tool and die/mold, and so on.

What are the differences among OD grinding (Outside diameter grinding or External cylindrical grinding) , ID grinding (Inside diameter grinding or Internal cylindrical grinding), Centerless grinding, surface grinding, and Profile grinding?

Machining Methods Machining Shapes Working Principle
OD grinding To grind the outside surfaces and its shoulder ends of cylinder, cone, or others.    OD-grinding
ID grinding To grind the inside surfaces and its shoulder ends of cylinder, cone, or others. ID-grinding
Centerless grinding To grind and polish the cylindrical surfaces of various rings, shafts, tubes, and sleeves. Centerless-grinding
Surface grinding To grind the flat-shaped workpiece. Surface-grinding
Profile Grinding To process complicated shapes with micron-order accuracy and high hardness materials, such as carbide. Profile Grinding

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